Not Great Men

Gang of Four – Not Great Men

It seems Turtleface is up to his usual pot calling the kettle black shtick. I saw a number of headlines about him today. One was that he refused to bring up a bill to protect Mueller for a floor vote (who is surprised), and the other was he wrote an op-ed calling for bipartisanship, chastising Democrats in advance should they not roll up their sleeves and help the Republicans pass legislation. It was not in The Onion.

HA! HahAHAhahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Mr. My Top Priority Is To Make Obama A One Term President wants us to sing kumbaya now? Good ole I Refuse To Grant A Hearing For Merrick Garland is looking for some cooperation? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Of course, he doesn’t mean it. He is just making the statement so that he can then later claim to have been right, those Democrats, just obstructionists through and through. You are as transparent as a window, Senator Hagfish. Fuck yourself five ways to Friday, asshole.

Fun fact. Did you know that his first wife is a feminist scholar and retired a few years ago from running the women’s history archive at Smith College in Massachusetts? Gloria Steinem spoke at her retirement party. I happened upon this a couple of years ago when I got to wondering if he had any children (yes, three daughters). I mean, we all have our regrets from our younger days but can you imagine?


New Moon

Steve Gunn – New Moon

Now that it’s dark for my drive home from work, I notice the moon phase more often. It was just a little sliver the other day. It was also really low in the sky so that little sliver looked really gigantic hovering just above the tree line.

We are coming up on a full moon just in time for Black Friday this year. No, thank you! I will stick with Steve Gunn and his creepy video for New Moon.

Living My Life

Deerhunter – Living My Life

It feels like I didn’t have a weekend, and I didn’t have today off either, so forgive another lame entry here. When I don’t even get home until 7:30 p.m., it’s so hard to gather the momentum needed to figure out what I want to say, or what song I feel like writing about. But I listened to this album in the car today when the traffic started getting to me and it seems like a good option just before going to sleep.

What a Time to Be Alive

Superchunk – What a Time to Be Alive

In one 24 hour period we went from taking control of the House to having Jeff Sessions fired, an unconstitutional appointment of a lackey in his place to “oversee” (a.k.a. kill) the Mueller investigation, revoking the press credentials from one of the biggest news organizations with bonus doctored video to support their bogus reason for doing so, followed by the news of RBG falling and breaking three ribs.

I’m calling it a day.

Finest Worksong

R.E.M. – Finest Worksong


I wanted to win both the House and the Senate, but we really needed to win the House, at least. And there were some great outcomes, lots of fresh faces, lots of women, really progressive candidates, and we sent some truly awful people packing.

But the work is only ramping up, with Sessions getting axed and Mueller’s investigation in jeopardy, egregious attacks on the press today, threatening Democrats if they come after him he’ll sic the Senate on them, there is no time to coast.

I just hope the Democrats who won last night understand that they were elected as a bulwark against Cheeto and to never let slide any of these authoritarian pushes. Adam Schiff will be great. Maxine Waters will be on fire. Just don’t play into the GOP trap. You may WANT to be non-partisan and work together on some things but what you NEED to do is take some names and kick some asses. Don’t be confused. By now everyone should know you can’t hold a Republican to their word because they have no integrity. So have your eyes wide open. They will never play by the rules or follow the decades-old Senate traditions. They are going to lie and cheat and steal your lunch money and push you into the lockers. Until you fight back. Time to rise, rearrange, and work.

People Have the Power

Patti Smith – People Have the Power

Not all the votes are in and some of the most inspiring candidates didn’t win. Gillum, Abrams, Beto. But they came so close in states where the odds were not in their favor and, in Georgia at least, blatant voter suppression in broad daylight.

However, over 100 women are headed to Congress. Two Muslim women, two Native American women. Colorado has an openly gay governor. Kansas kicked Kris Kobach to the curb and elected a Democratic woman. Too close to call in Wisconsin.

Don’t let the pundits get you down. Taking the House means Maxine Waters is the chair of the Financial Services Committee and will subpoena Trump’s tax returns. Adam Schiff will be the chair of the Intelligence Committee and that little weasel Nunes won’t be able to sabotage their work.

The fight continues, and watch out for all kinds of shenanigans during the lame duck session.

Now or Never Now

Metric – Now or Never Now

It doesn’t feel like it’s been two years since the world came crashing down. It feels like it’s just been one interminable nightmare. Constantly lurching from one disaster to another, never being able to relax, never having the opportunity to put it out of our minds.

The stakes are higher than ever. If we don’t take back the House, I don’t know how I will cope, and I want more than just the House. I want the Senate. I want Mitch McConnell to lose control and crawl back into his shell and decide he’d rather take his toys and go home, than stay on in a Senate where he can’t call the shots. Out of all the dastardly bastards in congress, he’s the one I despise the most. But I am also worried about the races on the state level. So much damage can be done if we don’t keep the governor’s seats we have and pick up several more. I do not have a good feeling about it.

This is the final hour. It’s now or never. For real.