Say Goodbye

Throwing Muses – Say Goodbye

Well it’s November 30, making this the last NaBloPoMo post for 2021. I had some ideas and intentions of writing more but as is often the case, I ran out of steam at night. We’ve also made a habit of trying to get our teenagers to watch tv with us in the evening rather than retreating to their rooms and doomscrolling so that cuts down on my available time.

Anyway, tradition upheld. See you next year!

It’s Only Life

The Feelies – It’s Only Life

Things I remembered to bring to work today after a week off for Thanksgiving: lunch and my Happy Light, since it’s dark by the time I leave and I don’t get any sun during the day.

Things I forgot to bring: my ID, so I could get into my office, and my tools. On the Friday before Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to try rearranging my desk but without a screwdriver all I basically managed to do was leave things in a disarray.

I’m sure I will forget something again tomorrow but oh well.

Can’t Even Be Bothered

The Charlatans – Can’t Even Be Bothered

We’re back home after a few days up at my mom’s in Maine. The kids and I popped our heads into a few stores while we were there and I was very disappointed in how few people were wearing masks. I👏don’t👏care👏if👏you’re👏vaccinated👏you👏should👏still👏wear👏a👏mask. We were at Target (yes, on Black Friday, though not early so it was busy but not crowded) and I counted maybe five customers besides the three of us who were wearing masks. We went to a GameStop, a couple of employees had on masks and almost no one else.

What is the matter with people? I just can’t comprehend how, after all this time, people can be so cavalier with their health. I get how they can be so self-centered as to not give a fuck about their fellow citizens, because we’ve had an even longer time to observe that, but to not even care enough about yourself to just wear a fucking mask? They just can’t be bothered to take two seconds and put on a thin little mask? Do they think they’re invincible?

I’m so fucking sick of the selfishness. Tired of the cluelessness. There’s no excuses at this point.

Weather Radio

Pylon – Weather Radio

Yesterday was relatively nice outside, not windy, highs in the low 50s, good weather for that Thanksgiving stroll in the afternoon to offset all the eating.

Today, ick. Most of the day was cold, rainy, and everything looked gray and depressing. I looked out the window as I was heading upstairs and what do you know, snow. Gross.


Anthonie Tonnon – Entertainment

Another part of my New Zealand envy, Anthonie Tonnon did this whole Rail Land tour thing, where he and the audience would all meet up at a station and take a train together to a venue, then he’d do this gig and they’d all get the train back. I mean, come on. Is that not the most Ellen kind of tour you can imagine?

Miss Modular

Stereolab – Miss Modular

For those wondering, my baking experiment was not a success. You can eat it but it didn’t rise enough and the bottom burned. Oh well.

I also went to the store, changed sheets on a couple of beds, made dinner, and fetched my daughter from college. Tomorrow will be a day spent playing chauffeur.