Car Seat Headrest

Something Soon

Car Seat Headrest – Something Soon

I know there’s a later version of this song and a different video but this was the one I saw/heard first and it says awkward and vulnerable teenager so much more effectively than the “official” version.

It has been a tiring weekend, it’s getting late, and I still have one clock I need to fix before going to bed. Note to self, get a lottery ticket when you stop for gas in the morning.


Car Seat Headrest – Martin

I got a bunch of new face masks in the mail today, including a couple with cassettes on them and one David Bowie design that’s a present for my sister. Non are quite as cool as this mask though.


One of these days I’ll manage to see Car Seat Headrest but it’s hard when they tend to play small clubs in bigger cities or are part of a giant lineup at a festival or a place like Madison Square Garden. Not going to do it.