The Charlatans (UK)

Can’t Even Be Bothered

The Charlatans – Can’t Even Be Bothered

We’re back home after a few days up at my mom’s in Maine. The kids and I popped our heads into a few stores while we were there and I was very disappointed in how few people were wearing masks. I👏don’t👏care👏if👏you’re👏vaccinated👏you👏should👏still👏wear👏a👏mask. We were at Target (yes, on Black Friday, though not early so it was busy but not crowded) and I counted maybe five customers besides the three of us who were wearing masks. We went to a GameStop, a couple of employees had on masks and almost no one else.

What is the matter with people? I just can’t comprehend how, after all this time, people can be so cavalier with their health. I get how they can be so self-centered as to not give a fuck about their fellow citizens, because we’ve had an even longer time to observe that, but to not even care enough about yourself to just wear a fucking mask? They just can’t be bothered to take two seconds and put on a thin little mask? Do they think they’re invincible?

I’m so fucking sick of the selfishness. Tired of the cluelessness. There’s no excuses at this point.


The Charlatans (UK) – Opportunity

I forget what took us to one of those dollar store places a week or so ago but while the kids were looking around for whatever it was, I found myself looking at the cheap phone chargers and other iPod accessories. I decided to pick up a different fm transmitter adapter thingy, not Bluetooth, just plugs into your headphone jack. My daughter warned me that it would break, and soon, the way cheap plastic crap always does. It’s true, I don’t expect it to last long, on the other hand, if I can use my iPod in the car for a couple of months, the $5 will probably be worth it.

It works with my iPod decently. I hung the cord around the hands-free holder where I put my phone, both the iPod and the transmitter dangling down near the radio for the best results. Then it dawned on me that this might work with my old Walkman. I needed to find some working AA batteries first and hanging it off the phone holder wasn’t an option but I set in the passenger seat and fired it up.

And that’s how we have a new installment of Tape Deck Tuesday. Today’s tape was The Charlatans Some Friendly. I’m still not confident about putting my better tapes through the ringer here so I took one I wasn’t especially worried about losing if something went wrong. I kind of think I have this on CD too, though maybe that’s their second album I’m thinking of. I know I have the tape and CD for one of their early releases because I found the tape super cheap at the Goodwill or someplace like that.

This album makes me think of commuting on the Metro in DC back in the early 90s. When I first arrived there I was staying with my uncle in Georgetown and I would get off at Dupont Circle and go into Olsson’s or Kramerbooks to check out the latest NME and Melody Maker before making my way over to his house. Later I had a sublet up in Adams Morgan so I had every excuse to saunter slowly up Connecticut Avenue stopping into stores to get a blast of air conditioning. When I found a place up in Mt. Pleasant, if I was taking the Metro home from work by myself, I still kept my habit of walking up from Dupont Circle, through Adams Morgan and up to the house I shared with three other people. I always wished I lived in those cooler (and more expensive) neighborhoods but walking through them at least kept me from feeling like I was totally out of it.

There were lots of things I loved about living in DC but in the end there were slightly more things I hated about living there or I wouldn’t have left. I mostly think about the good parts and skim over the bad, now that 21 years have passed since I moved away. It’s all the cool shops, museums, and great bands at clubs I loved, that have stuck with me. I’m sure it’s best that way.