Lights Out

Santigold – Lights Out

The first week day of Daylight Losing Time and I am definitely feeling it. Someone I follow on Twitter posted a link to a desk top light called Happy Light and said we’re all crazy if we don’t buy it. Then she posted a picture of it on her desk, so it wasn’t just a sarcastic crack at the name of the light.

I clicked the link and looked at it, read the reviews, and left the tab open all day just in case I decided I might want to place an Amazon order. I didn’t, today, but even though I talk about how much the darkness gets to me, I have never seriously considered buying one of those lights before. I never knew anyone who actually had one and I was doubtful that it would truly make any difference.

My office has very bright overhead lights but it’s in the middle of a building and I get no natural light. I do go out at lunch and often I’ll have a meeting that gets me out of my office and in the daylight but I really don’t want this coming winter to get to me like last year’s did. A lot of that was the snow, no question, but even if the Happy Light only helped a little, wouldn’t that be worth the $40?