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Santigold – Lights Out

The first week day of Daylight Losing Time and I am definitely feeling it. Someone I follow on Twitter posted a link to a desk top light called Happy Light and said we’re all crazy if we don’t buy it. Then she posted a picture of it on her desk, so it wasn’t just a sarcastic crack at the name of the light.

I clicked the link and looked at it, read the reviews, and left the tab open all day just in case I decided I might want to place an Amazon order. I didn’t, today, but even though I talk about how much the darkness gets to me, I have never seriously considered buying one of those lights before. I never knew anyone who actually had one and I was doubtful that it would truly make any difference.

My office has very bright overhead lights but it’s in the middle of a building and I get no natural light. I do go out at lunch and often I’ll have a meeting that gets me out of my office and in the daylight but I really don’t want this coming winter to get to me like last year’s did. A lot of that was the snow, no question, but even if the Happy Light only helped a little, wouldn’t that be worth the $40?


  1. We changed our time last weekend and it’s really messed with me this year for some reason, more so than it normally does that is. I’ve felt super jet lagged and been much more tired much earlier in the evening, despite trying to spend time outside during the days. I’ve never had a special light for winters either. Keep me posted if you get one.


    1. It’s hard to imagine how it would make a difference, given how bright it is in my office, but those overhead lights have all the ambience of a 7-11 so I’m sure they aren’t improving my mood. I’ll let you know if I get one.


  2. I have a light box that I use this time of year, and it makes a huge difference. The light is a specific wavelength, and very intense; twenty minutes in front of it each morning, and my mental health really improves.

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    1. The reviews definitely swayed me in favor of buying it, I just usually sit on my Amazon orders for a few days in case there’s more to add on for free shipping. 😉


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