The Spirit Blossoms All Over the Land

Onra – The Spirit Blossoms All Over the Land

I planted bulbs today. I don’t think the soil is very conducive to growing things but the neighbors on the other side of the street cut down a couple of trees a month or two ago so now that side of the house gets a ton of sun. I’m hoping they will surprise me in March, or maybe late February if the winter isn’t too bad.

My mother used to plant bulbs every fall, then browse through garden catalogs all winter long, planning what she would buy and looking forward to getting things in the ground. I have not inherited her green thumb and usually even house plants tend to wither under my care. Bulbs appear easy enough but the proof will be in a couple of months when I will either have some lovely flowers to brighten up things, or discover that the squirrels made off with the goods.

We set the clocks back tonight and enter the undeniable slide into winter. Here’s hoping that the prospect of new flowers popping up in the spring will be something to offset the cold and dark of the next few months.