Luscious Jackson

Naked Eye

Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye

I ran out of contact lenses back in May and just started wearing my glasses full-time until I could manage to get in to see an eye doctor. Part of the problem was that we switched health insurance providers last year and the eye doctor I’d been going to was no longer in network. I wasn’t really happy with the former eye doctor so I didn’t mind needing to see someone else but it’s such a hassle. I didn’t want to be charged a new patient fee or a contact lens fitting fee and I hate feeling like I’m being pushed into the latest and greatest (most expensive) lenses.

But I finally made a call and today was my appointment. The eye doctor initially said he thought I should move to multi-focal lenses, which sounded suspiciously … old. As the exam progressed, however, he thought maybe I didn’t need them. He made all the adjustments to the lenses and then asked me to read a card with tiny letters on it first at a normal distance and then up close. That was no problem. He then flipped another lens in front and told me that was what a pair of the over-the-counter reading glasses would do for me. Could I tell the difference? Not in the slightest. In the end he decided I didn’t need the multi-focal lenses because my ability to focus up close was still very good. He was really impressed and told me I should brag about my eyes because normally people my age need some help to see things up close.  You heard it here first.

It’s so nice to have the full range of vision again. My glasses don’t bother me really, but they give me a double blind spot when I’m driving and soon it will be cold enough outside to make my glasses fog up when I go from outside to inside. Plus I’ve been without sunglasses this whole time, which has been a real drag. I might just need a new pair to celebrate.


Luscious Jackson – Citysong

Last week was a hot and busy week. This song always says summer to me. Even without the video filled with shots of New York City in the summer. Maybe it’s the line about the bike messenger. I spent the summer between my junior and senior years of college as a bike messenger in Philadelphia during one of the hottest summers on record and loved it.