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Love, Love Alone

The Jody Grind – Love, Love Alone

Shout out to Prince Harry. Upholding family tradition by saying, take your royal protocol and shove it. He was never going to be crowned king anyway so what’s the fuss?

I was delighted to see the great Kelly Hogan, who I had only known as the singer of The Jody Grind, as part of Neko Case’s band when I saw her just about two years ago. Such gorgeous harmonies. She also helped transport the practice organ of the former Chicago White Sox organist (along with Max Crawford, from Poi Dog Pondering, who also works at Wrigley Field) from Chicago to Boston where Josh Kantor, who plays with the Baseball Project, lives. He plays the organ for the Red Sox (as well as a day job at Harvard), and that’s about the sum total of my baseball knowledge. In fact my knowledge about how all those musicians intersect is much more impressive than any baseball fact I might know. (Article linked above written by Annie Zaleski, who wrote the liner notes for the 25th anniversary reissue of Out of Time. Just to tie it all up with a bow.)

Wikipedia tells me that Kelly Hogan has been working for the cartoonist Lynda Barry since 2013, arranging her teaching schedule, etc. How many more of my favorite people can I cram into this post?

Coolest of the cool.