Sunflower Bean

Baby Don’t Cry

Sunflower Bean – Baby Don’t Cry

I am contemplating getting tickets for Sunflower Bean in a couple of weeks. I had a ticket for their show in January 2020 and I blew it off. Then we got slammed by the pandemic and a year and a half went by.

I actually have tickets for a number of upcoming shows. None of them were expensive and I figure if they get cancelled I’ll be reimbursed so why not?

But it is a risk to be in a club, and I bought a ticket for Snail Mail, before the Sunflower Bean show was announced, which is just a week later. I think that it will be another wait and see.

I Was Home

Sunflower Bean – I Was Home

I should be en route to the Sunflower Bean show/beer tasting that I excitedly bought a ticket for a couple of months ago. But instead I am home, doing nothing.

Not that I need an excuse but I have a few. 1) It’s actually over an hour away. That’s a lot of driving there and back. 2) I had some small cysts removed on Friday and while it was a very simple in office procedure, it actually was surgery and it hurts more than I thought it would (sorry for the TMI). 3) The friend I was going to meet up with texted me that she was thinking of bailing. She lives five minutes from the venue so if she wasn’t up for it, I feel less obliged. 4) It was only $15.

It bums me out because I just feel old and like a loser but I also felt like I’d feel even older at the show, standing there with a sore back and not enjoying it as much as I could and what if people bumped into me where the incision was, blah, blah, blah. Getting older sucks.

If I lived five minutes away I would have rolled on over there at 9 and seen what was what. I could easily have done an hour, maybe a little more. But basically four hours? Sadly not tonight. Hopefully Sunflower Bean comes back through in the warmer weather and I will be more up for it. I haven’t been to a show since September and I miss it.