The Feelies

It’s Only Life

The Feelies – It’s Only Life

Things I remembered to bring to work today after a week off for Thanksgiving: lunch and my Happy Light, since it’s dark by the time I leave and I don’t get any sun during the day.

Things I forgot to bring: my ID, so I could get into my office, and my tools. On the Friday before Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to try rearranging my desk but without a screwdriver all I basically managed to do was leave things in a disarray.

I’m sure I will forget something again tomorrow but oh well.

When Company Comes

The Feelies – When Company Comes

My mom came down to our house for Thanksgiving instead of us driving up there, for which I am very grateful since there’s snow on the ground up at her house. It’s below freezing here as well but at least you can stand inside and look out at bare ground with scattered leaves while you inhale the smells of all the food underway.

I am truly spoiled. Most of the time people who have guests over for Thanksgiving have to do all the cooking for the assembled masses. My guest is doing all the cooking! I did help, a little, and I made lunch earlier, but now I am just sitting here breathing deeply and eagerly.

It’s quiet, we don’t have broadcast TV so there’s no football game in the background, no parade, and with only five of us, no rowdy kids playing. A real departure from the Thanksgivings of my childhood where we always had a kids’ table, sometimes even two kids’ tables. That will be Christmas this year.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Feelies – Away

A week and a half ago I went to the last-ever Feelies show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. It was a show that was a long time coming but so, so worth it. I wrote it up for Caught in the Carousel so please hop over there to read it. In that article I mention this video, which was filmed at Maxwell’s many years ago. Enjoy!