It’s So Obvious

Wire – It’s So Obvious

Public impeachment hearings are finally underway. I get really annoyed really easily by the Republican reps with their questions that are clearly ignoring the evidence before them and just sticking to their Fox News talking points about the Dear Leader. The Dear Leader who was welcoming the brutal authoritarian from Turkey today. So needless to say, I’m not watching the proceedings. I already know that he’s guilty.

JFC, it’s so fucking obvious that he has done way more than this phone call with Ukraine that is grounds for impeachment. Even the “transcript” of his “perfect” phone call is proof enough but that well is so deep, we are still waiting to hear when that penny will hit the water. I’m of the opinion that his violations of the emoluments clause were reason for his ouster on day one.

I’ve heard sober pronouncements from politicians and reporters about how this is important and necessary but a sad event for the country because impeachment is such a drastic measure and it could divide the country more. Ok, no. It is about fucking time that Congress stepped up and did their Constitutional duty to protect the nation from a would-be dictator who has actually used his position to enrich himself, done enormous harm to the country in multiple ways, and created several crises that we will be contending with for what remains of our time on a livable planet. And we are as divided as we can be. Either you believe in the rule of law and that no one is above the law, or you are fine with living in a fascist state with an ultra maroon for a head of state with white nationalists and Russian oligarchs pulling the strings. They’re not even behind the scenes anymore. It’s all out in broad daylight if you simply pay attention. If there are people who are somehow still not clear on this, maybe these hearings will help them wake up to what has been going on for the past three years.

Ex Lion Tamer

Wire – Ex Lion Tamer

Last week I went to see Lee Ranaldo and the Dust, which I highly recommend if they come to your area. It was a small place, tickets were only $15, can’t go wrong. Toward the end of the show they played Fragile off of Wire’s album Pink Flag. (It sounded about like this, if you’re curious.)

Pink Flag is such a great album. 21 tracks in just about 35 minutes. Hugely influential. Since I bought my copy when I was in college it’s a record, and although my turntable works just fine, you can only use it if you do not move. Not even a tiny bit. The house is more than 150 years old and the floors all creak and bend when you take a step so even someone walking in a different part of the house will cause the needle to skip. It’s not an album I can sit still while listening to.

A month or two ago I found a copy of the CD at the library. I listened to it just about every day of the three weeks I was allowed to have it out on loan. Especially in the car. It’s hard to pick a favorite track but I kept hitting repeat on Ex Lion Tamer. I just love the way he sings, “Fish fingers all in a line.”