k.d. lang

Calling All Angels

Jane Siberry and k.d. Lang – Calling All Angels

This song, yet another from the Until the End of the World soundtrack, is on my memorial service playlist. I’m not a religious person but the solemnity of it and the idea of asking someone to walk us through this world, to bolster people in their time of need and uncertainty, is one that I find especially appropriate.

I am shaken by the events in Paris, at the concert hall especially. Music has always been the thing that makes me feel the most alive and that gives me hope and restores my faith in humanity.

Sometimes I have felt like this business of spending my time going to concerts and writing about music is so inconsequential in a world that faces so many problems. But I always come back to the belief that music is uplifting and has the power to bring people together and transcend differences. If I can’t fix the problems, perhaps I can at least highlight something that lightens the load or provides solace. It helps my heavy heart at times like this.