Now or Never Now

Metric – Now or Never Now

It doesn’t feel like it’s been two years since the world came crashing down. It feels like it’s just been one interminable nightmare. Constantly lurching from one disaster to another, never being able to relax, never having the opportunity to put it out of our minds.

The stakes are higher than ever. If we don’t take back the House, I don’t know how I will cope, and I want more than just the House. I want the Senate. I want Mitch McConnell to lose control and crawl back into his shell and decide he’d rather take his toys and go home, than stay on in a Senate where he can’t call the shots. Out of all the dastardly bastards in congress, he’s the one I despise the most. But I am also worried about the races on the state level. So much damage can be done if we don’t keep the governor’s seats we have and pick up several more. I do not have a good feeling about it.

This is the final hour. It’s now or never. For real.