Stone Roses

What the World is Waiting For

Stone Roses – What the World is Waiting For

Our internet is still out so this morning, after briefly checking the news, I was trying to help my son get in touch with his teachers to explain why he wouldn’t be able to turn in assignments or even take a scheduled test. I figured I could delve into the minutiae of the House and Senate races later. I had a meeting at 10:30 so I moved the laptop into my office corner to get ready and that’s when I realized … my mobile data wasn’t working.

It’s one thing to be without the wifi for a day and a half but when I was actually cut off from the internet completely, I started getting pretty anxious. I could still send and receive texts but nothing else. Now is not the time to be unable to immediately bring up whatever news story I want from whatever source. And I couldn’t even do any work to take my mind off things because I had no mobile data and therefore, no hotspot!

So I got outside and went for a walk. It was warm compared to yesterday and the sun was out, everyone’s Biden signs were still out. It felt like we still have a few days to get through before the final tally and no one wanted to jeopardize our chances by removing their sign. As I’m writing this we seem to be just 6 votes shy of winning enough electoral college seats to clinch it. I am keeping my fingers crossed and going to bed. This waiting is a killer.

She Bangs the Drums

The Stone Roses – She Bangs the Drums

I’m reading Peter Hook’s The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club and I’m up to 1993. In addition to recording how horribly mismanaged the club was, especially financially, from its very inception, it’s full of tales of the Madchester scene.

The movie 24 Hour Party People covered some of this, and how much of that film or Hooky’s account of events can be really accurate is something he even acknowledges in the beginning of the book. With the kind of rampant drug use depicted in both and the intervening years blurring memories, I’m sure there are holes in some of these stories. Still, I believe it was a wild time and that crazy things were going on in Manchester back then.

For Tape Deck Tuesday I decided to pop in my Stone Roses Fools Gold cassingle. Do you remember the cassingle? It seems like such a joke of a format. This one was even some kind of maxi cassingle because it was the cassette version of a double A side. Both sides of the cassette were the same, the full version of Fools Gold, followed by What the World is Waiting For, then the short version of Fools Gold. Even though I bought the thing, this seemed stupid to me. So I pulled the old, piece of tape over the little hole on the top, move and recorded a bunch of other Stone Roses songs over the short Fools Gold and all of side B. Blasphemy? It’s a cassingle, how much worse can it get?

Fools Gold

I used this tape for the first test of the tape deck, because cassingle.

Side A
Fools Gold
What the World is Waiting For
She Bangs the Drums

Side B
Elephant Stone
Shoot You Down
This Is The One

There’s the visual from Instagram for you.

I liked the Stone Roses and the Charlatans (UK) but I didn’t get into the whole scene. Maybe you needed to be on ecstasy to really appreciate them all but that wasn’t my thing. I rather liked being in control and I never really saw the appeal. I remember going to a Grateful Dead concert with a bunch of friends in high school and one guy in our group became truly green (I’d never seen a person actually turn green before) and passed out. These were some pretty hard partying kids but they were usually drinking beer and smoking pot and he had taken god only knows what. He was a big guy too, fell like a tree being chopped down. If he couldn’t handle that, little old me, who didn’t even smoke cigarettes, had better not take any risks. I wasn’t a total goody-two-shoes but I didn’t see the need to lose myself either.

I used to think I would really have loved to have been able to go to the Haçienda. Now I know that I would have been happy to have been there during the early days when it was a split of dance nights and live bands, and I probably would only have gone on the band nights, but I’d leave the ecstasy-fueled raves to others. The music is enough of a high for me.

Elephant Stone

The Stone Roses – Elephant Stone

Did you see the Coachella line up?! Whoa. I really hope they stream it again this year because I’m quite sure I can’t afford that. I’ve always been a little afraid of giant festival shows anyway. Too many people in various states of consciousness, port-a-potties, uncertain food, and then the bands you really want to see aren’t going to have the time to play as long a set as you would get if they were on their own. But I have to admit, that’s quite an impressive list of bands.

The Stone Roses. If someone invents a time machine, they’re one of the bands I’m going to go back and see, circa 1989/90.