The Brothers Johnson


The Brothers Johnson – Stomp!

How much do I love the videos of people celebrating and dancing in the streets? SOOO MUCH!! It’s times like this I really miss living in a big city. That collective feeling of relief and joy and just wanting to share that with people.

I spent a couple of hours this morning helping to clean out the headquarters for our local Democrats and taking all of the stuff back to people’s houses. The numbers hadn’t changed from where they were the night before and we were all fairly quiet, but calm. It felt like things were headed our way. I dropped some stuff off at one place and headed to the store. While I was in the store my phone started buzzing and my kids and husband had all texted me the news that Biden had won Pennsylvania. I thought about all of those Election Defenders and people partying outside of the Convention Center in Philadelphia to bolster the poll workers inside and drown out the Trumpsters. They brought spirit and fun and movement, while the MAGA idiots just stood there trying to look menacing and failing in the face of people just expressing happiness.

I made one more stop to drop off some signs, then headed home, got cleaned up, and changed into the most Philly t-shirt I have. I got it at a bike shop back in the 80s when I was going into the city as often as I could from my college campus out on the Main Line. It’s bright yellow and has Ben Franklin riding a bike and a Liberty Bell. I proudly put it on as a thank you to Philadelphia and those out there guarding the vote count, for getting us over the all important electoral college tipping point. As a nice little wink to them, the address of the former bike shop (now a ramen bar) is about a block away from where they were holding the outdoor dance party.

I harbor no illusions about Joe Biden being a visionary president, and we still have to fight for the two Georgia Senate seats and deal with the hated trio of McConnell, Collins, and Graham for six whole more years. We lost seats in the House. But we grabbed our nation by the scruff of its neck and yanked it back from the fascists and their ignorant, racist, bigoted supporters. We are not in the clear, those people are not going anywhere, plus there’s still the lame duck to get through. And let us not breeze past the significance of Kamala Harris. A woman, a woman of color, a daughter of immigrants, an HBCU graduate, is going to be the Vice President. This is a major slap in the face to the white supremacists that have been roaming the halls of the White House these last few years. Take that Stephen Miller!