Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas

Beach Slang – Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas

Thanks to a random retweet I caught today, I have been checking out Beach Slang. I love the title of their forthcoming album, The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us. Pretty great.

The other day This Is My Jam, a music site I took part in, announced that it would be closing up shop. I first got the word from a Facebook post that a friend made, a friend I know from another music site that folded a year or two earlier (sniff! R.I.P. And I found that site through a friend I’d made on another music site that’s still in existence but a shell of its former self.

A lot of my friends aren’t really into music. I have a hard time understanding how they can have such a passive relationship with music and they have a hard time understanding why I get so excited about it. We have other things in common and they’re nice people that I like a lot. But there’s something about people who get the same high from music that I do. It’s how it makes us feel, or maybe it’s more accurate to say, it’s how the music expresses what we feel. The thing is already there. Music just gives it shape. When words aren’t enough, that’s where music comes in and fills those holes.

The things I do to find people who feel like I do? I go to shows by myself, I hang out on music sites with unstable futures, I follow total strangers on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. I write about how my life has been influenced by music in hopes that other people who have that same passion will recognize me as coming from the same place and say hello.


  1. I don’t think you’re a weirdo at all — I think music is a powerful force in our lives, that some people embrace more fully than others. My own tastes run more to folk, but I love live concerts and the power that pulses through them, and the way that the music expresses that inner self. And while I’m not the music hound that you are, I can draw parallels with my own interests (genealogy, book collecting, Farscape), and the frustrations of finding sites and venues that offer great information and community, only to fold over time. Whatever drives us, should be embraced and celebrated. 🙂

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    1. You too! By the way, did that memorial service you were planning happen already? I was thinking about how some of my music friends have different bands that do it for them and while I may not share the love they have for that band, we do have get the same rush from it.


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