Midnight City

M83 – Midnight City

I was talking with someone on Friday about old college radio days and mentioned I’d gone to school outside of Philadelphia, where she now lived. That led to a conversation about the area and I said that I’d be down there in May. She suggested a restaurant I should try in Philadelphia. I ventured that might be a good place for me to meet up with a friend before we head over to a show at Union Transfer (a new-ish club that gets rave reviews). She asked what show, and when I answered M83, she laughed and said she was going to the same show! Small world.

Normally I wouldn’t go five hours away to see a band I don’t know that well. I made the decision to go see M83 by listening to their latest album online while working and wishing I was someplace else so I could dance. Then all the write ups of their live shows in the fall were great and I saw them on some late night show and thought, damn, I guess I missed it. But they announced some spring dates so I asked a young woman I used to work with who has moved down to PA if she’d like to go. The fact that it gave me the chance to check out this new club was an added bonus. Not to mention I get to go down by myself and stay with my sister, child-free for a couple days!

I’m counting on the dark club hiding my mid-40s wrinkles and un-hipster wardrobe. Now it’s just to get myself into dancing shape and find some dancing shoes.