Cellphone’s Dead

Beck – Cellphone’s Dead

My phone isn’t actually dead, yet, but it’s not long for this world. It’s amazing how accustomed I have become to having the internet in my pocket and how I am no longer put off by the size of a smartphone. I actually want a bigger one. Let me clarify, thinner, but with a bigger screen. I’m having a really hard time deciding though and the more I look at online reviews, the less certain I am. 

I still have a landline in the house. A real, mounted to the wall, no caller-id, has a curly cord, phone. I almost never use it but let me just say, the last two hurricanes that hit did a number on the power lines, damaged the cell towers, but that landline was still working both times. In advance of hurricane Sandy, I fruitlessly searched the area for a replacement battery for my cell phone but it seemed like everyone else, who had been without power for a week after Irene, had had the same idea.

For a long time I didn’t have a cell phone. I didn’t need one and I didn’t really want one. Even after my first child was born, it wasn’t until one day when my husband and I were both going to be out of our offices that it even occurred to me that we would be unreachable if daycare needed us in the case of an emergency. Now I hardly go anywhere without it.