Geographer – Verona

I recently heard the expression, sitting is the new smoking. I laughed but a second later I thought, heh, oops.

I spend most of my day sitting. First there’s the hour plus I spend in the car to get to my job where I sit, pretty much all day. Then I sit in the car for more than an hour again, stand up for a bit in the kitchen, sit to eat dinner, walk around a little while prodding the kids through their nighttime routine, sit again until I go to bed. At that rate I must be the sitting equivalent of a pack a day smoker.

We belong to the Y and I can use the gym at work, I just need to factor in the time and make myself do it. When it’s freezing cold out and there’s all that snow, my motivation is non-existent.

What always helps is having a kick-ass playlist to spur me into action. So help me out and suggest some good songs to add to a workout list for my iPod. If they make you think of sunshine and warm temperatures, windows open, all the better. In February I need all the help I can get to make it to spring.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good video for the song you want to use. This is one of those times.