Working in a Coal Mine

Devo – Working in a Coal Mine

I’ve been so busy at work lately that I was often doing work in the evenings or, as the lyrics say, “when my work day is over, I’m too tired for having fun” and that includes the old blog.

I’m also pretty behind in keeping up on all the things I usually follow. Lots of articles to read, art to see, and music to listen to.


  1. I hear you. Me too. Hurray for Devo. Akronites. (I went to Akron U, so I root for the home team homies) Thanks again for contributing your piece to Raised on the Radio and we’d love to have you again. We’ve got a new series called Wrong Song Lyrics. It’s a quick form to fill out and it’s a funny little exercise in rock n roll hilarity.


    1. My pleasure, Linda. I saw that new series fly by on Twitter and haven’t had a chance to check it out but I will definitely click on over!


  2. Sometimes my former days of alcoholism make me very angry. Devo came to my college – University of Alabama – and I got way too blasted to enjoy them. I heard they were amazing. WORK WORK WORK


    1. That’s too bad. No one cool ever came to my college. We had the Hooters once, and that’s not saying much. It was the only concert I can recall happening on campus during my entire four years there.


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