Northeast Winter

Mazarin – Northeast Winter

It took me 2 1/2 hours to drive home yesterday on snow covered roads. I wish I could say I won’t let winter bother me but I do hate it so.

So why do I live in the northeast? I like it during spring, summer, and fall. I like that the cities are close together (good for touring). I like the history, all the old buildings, the landscape. I just hate the cold, dark, icy parts. I hate the barren tree branches, the grayness of everything. The squeaky sound of snow underfoot.


  1. You know that I love winter, love the darkness (even the bleak grayness that gives my brain a rest from all the bright colors of spring and summer). But I do admit that it is possible that if I had to drive in the mess every day like you do I would, by now, not be as in love with the season as I am.

    I LOVE this blog!


    1. Driving in bad snowy conditions certainly doesn’t help, you’re right. The layers one has to wear might be the thing I hate the most, though. And static electricity. Nothing like going in for a kiss and getting a shock instead.

      So happy to see you here!


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