The Buzz of Delight – Christmas

It was maybe three or four years ago that I heard this song while I was out doing some Christmas shopping. I was amazed. Sound Castles by The Buzz of Delight has got to be one of the more obscure records I own. Sure, Matthew Sweet went on to greater solo fame in the 1990s but I never met anyone who knew about this EP. Plus, I was in Macy’s, or someplace totally mainstream like that, not anywhere that was handpicking the music being piped in.

It was only in trying to find an mp3 of it later on that I discovered it had been on a new wave Christmas compilation in the mid-90s and that Matthew Sweet had released an album of his early recordings in 2002 that included the Buzz of Delight tracks. Maybe it isn’t as obscure as I always thought but hearing it, or any tracks from that album, always takes me right back to my college dorm room.


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