Pump It Up

Elvis Costello – Pump It Up

Whew, what a day. Week, actually. Did you ever have one of those weeks where nothing particularly bad happened, no work crises, nothing horrible on the home front, just a series of frustrations and disappointments that pile on top of each other until you feel like you just can’t take anymore? Yeah. That’s when you need to blast this song as you go peeling out of the parking lot.

When we were teenagers, all the Elvis Costello records belonged to my older sister. I have a 7″ now, I’m not sure where or when I got it, but she owned all the LPs. I taped some of them way back when but I have a hole in my collection where all the Elvis should be.

Tomorrow is Record Store Day and I’ll be hitting my local record store, just down the street. Or as my son once called it, The Most Forgotten Place on Earth. He was only seven at the time and it is down a little pedestrian-only alleyway, but I’m sure it will be busy. Most Saturdays there is some regular traffic through there but it’s not crowded. Tomorrow will be bumping elbows, waiting your turn busy. I may not end up buying any of the special RSD releases but I might pick up an old Elvis Costello album. It’s going to be tough to top my great find from RSD last year.

It’s also Easter weekend and my kids have been off from school all week so I contemplated going up to Maine to visit my mother. We could spend Easter with her and I could go to an event at a branch of the record store where I had my first post-college job. I had too much going on at work though, and didn’t really want to spend that many hours driving up and back for what would end up being a day and a half there. It’s also just as well we stayed put because I’m close to securing a new (to me) car and I need to do some things to get that all lined up.

Have a fun Record Store Day!


  1. Happy Record Store day! (And happy Easter)
    We have a used record store down the street from us, and it’s fun to nose around looking at all the old albums. Reminds me of better days.


  2. I love that this is the second blog I’ve visited today to feature an Elvis song! (I was at Lance’s blog earlier and he had one – jackpot!) I love me some Elvis. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was Elvis and The Attractions at Asbury Park. They played everything. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Ah…record store day. So great that there’s a day commemorating record stores. I need to get a turntable. I miss the crackle of vinyl.


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