Messy Enough

The Radio Dept. – Messy Enough

Some people are weekend warriors, getting up and out early on Saturdays, taking the kids to soccer or swim lessons or karate, getting their grocery shopping out of the way, etc. That’s not us. When Saturday rolls around we all like to have slow, leisurely breakfasts at whatever time it is when we come down stairs, catch up on some reading, just take it easy. What’s the rush? To me Saturdays are like summer vacations; you have to appreciate them while you have them because they’re gone before you’re ready. Slow it down. The dishes can wait.


    1. Of course that does tend to make Sunday a bit of a let down. There’s a song for that as well but I’ll save that for another time.


  1. The boyfriend and I have rules for weekends: Friday night for friends and going out, Saturday for sleeping until noon and vegging out, and Sunday for cleaning house, studying, and family dinner. I hate Sundays, but they’re necessary evil. Meh.

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