Getting Away With It

Electronic – Getting Away With It

Strangely, though I feel uncomfortable about Peter Hook playing all those New Order and Joy Division songs, I have no trouble with Johnny Marr playing Smiths songs or ones like this. Perhaps it’s because the Smiths and Electronic really did disband whereas New Order is still around. Plus, with all the credits going to Morrissey and Marr, it always seemed obvious to me that Johnny Marr wrote the music while Morrissey wrote the lyrics and came up with the vocal part. He’s just playing the songs he wrote.

One of the perks of having bands that were big break up is that sometimes the individual band members keep making music, but now they’re playing tiny venues for $20 or less in little out of the way places instead of huge arena shows for big bucks. It’s a little present for those of us who stuck around and waited it out.

I’ve got new tires and windshield wipers, now I just have to hope that my back holds out and decide if I need to have a Johnny Fuckin Marr t-shirt that I’ll never be able to wear.