Hooray for Earth – Keys

This posting every day is really challenging. I’m going to have to schedule some posts in advance if I’m going to be able to pull it off during the next week. That would necessitate having a bunch of free time to do multiple posts at once and I have enough trouble just getting one done.

On Thursday mornings, I like to listen to the local college radio station on my way to work for as long as I can keep the signal. College radio isn’t known for its far-reaching broadcasting capabilities and I often will lose it before there’s a break telling me what they’ve just played. The woman who does the early morning slot on Thursdays plays new and recent releases for the most part, so I have the phone in its hands-free dashboard mounted holder and when something comes on that I’m curious about, I Shazam the song so I can look it up later. Often I’ll forget about it until I’m sitting here late at night and then I wind up going down rabbit holes. Next thing I know it’s really late and I haven’t written the post or decided which song I’m using.

This song comes from one of those bands. If you don’t like it, just be grateful that I’m not posting songs from the show that’s on the college station on my drive home. Three hours straight of polka.



  1. omg – 3 hours of polka would give me a total Cleveland flashback. lol
    I grew up having to watch Polka Varieties during dinner every Saturday.
    Fortunately I liked Keys! 😉


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