Had to Hear

Real Estate – Had to Hear

I’m back home after a quick trip down to New York for The Twilight Sad/We Were Promised Jetpacks show. It was not a late night, especially for New York, but I’m still a little tired after going to two shows this week. I am telling myself it’s the driving to these places that’s the culprit rather than the actual going out to see bands. Being at a show is always really rejuvenating for me and the effects can last for days.

I wasn’t joking the other night when I said live music was addictive. If the show was good, it leaves me jonesing for more and I start looking for another show to go to soon. If the show was great, it makes me want to hit the road and go catch that same band the next night in some other city. This is usually pretty easy to accomplish in the northeast, so long as you can swing the time off.

Thanksgiving is in a few days so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some sleep then, but I really had to hear some live music this week.