Today is the Day

Yo La Tengo – Today is the Day

It was snowing as I drove to work this morning. Of course it was. I was driving in the snow, making do with my phone-streaming-Bluetooth combo which was playing some ok music but not exactly what I want, and suddenly I thought, that’s it. I give up. You win, winter, you win.

My eyes stung. A heaviness came over me. It’s like I can feel the weight of all the snow, dragging me down. It’s cumulative, you know? If it could just melt a little in between storms, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. If it could be even close to an above freezing temperature on the rare occasions when the sun does make an appearance. I’m not asking for a lot. Sure, I want the snow to be completely gone, but I’d settle for a day that’s 35°F and sunny.

I can’t go away. I can’t quit winter. I just have to live with it. Today is the day it got the better of me. You defeated me, winter. You made me cry. Are you happy? Is that what you wanted?


  1. Winter’s torment. Sorry it’s dragging on, and on, and on, and in a distinctly vicious way. But, I am so glad you mentioned Yo La Tengo – a band I loved a lot back in the day yet had managed to totally forget about. How did that happen?


    1. Out of sight out of mind, I suppose. I don’t think they travel your way much. 😉 I’ve only managed to see them once (in the early 90s at the old, old, old Knitting Factory, when it was a dive on Houston St. with sweaters stapled to the ceiling) and I live a lot closer.


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