She Will

Savages – She Will

The concert season is starting to ramp up again. I have decided not to go to a show this weekend as I’ve got one next week and then a possible show about a week later. I’ve got a ticket for a show in December and a few more on the horizon that I’ll decide about closer to the night in question.

But I already have my ticket for Savages in April. That seems so far away but I’m sure it will sell out and I didn’t want to miss them a second time. Plus I can have that carrot dangling there when I need something to get through winter.

I don’t care if they sound like a cross between Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Bauhaus and whatever other bands the detractors are tossing into the comments section, I think they kick ass. Each one of them is just pouring it all into every song and I fully expect the live show to be a blistering full-on assault on all of my senses. I can’t wait. Not to mention they look cool as fuck. I better start looking around now for something appropriate to wear.