You Are the Everything

R.E.M. – You Are the Everything

So, the other reason I was superstitious about this election is that it falls on the same day as my first presidential election, November 8, 1988. That one didn’t turn out so well.

At this point the prospect of having George H.W. Bush would be a godsend in comparison to what seems poised to happen here tonight. I’m not going to wait up to find out. Not that I think I’ll sleep but I’m going to stop watching.

This album came out 28 years ago today. I hated it. I hated it, hated it, hated it. I won’t say that I thought they sold out but it was not the album I wanted them to make. And I hated that people who had made fun of me for the way I looked and the things I felt were important, suddenly were listening to R.E.M. This was my band and how dare they like them now. I felt like I’d lost a lot that night. I’d lost the election, and I’d lost my favorite band to something that I didn’t understand.

I’m very scared for this world but there is still beauty out there. Deep breaths.


  1. Well. Here we are. It feels like everything has led up to this point. Like I’ve been training all my life for this. The Big Fight. But I feel strangely at peace. And ready. And willing. Ellen, let’s get everyone we know who is on our side and make something count. Organize for the mid-terms. Organize to protest where we can. Organize to volunteer and contribute. Defy. Resist. Reeducate. We will not go quietly. Not for our sakes- but for the sake of the voiceless and for our kids.

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