The Smiths – Panic

Could life ever be sane again? I’m going with no, not for at least four years. Hell, I’m not sure we’ll even make it to Thanksgiving.

Did you see that Glenn Beck, yes, Glenn Beck!, is terrified of Orange-face’s chief strategist. What’s it take? I mean, when was the last time you found yourself agreeing with Glenn Beck and thinking I’m so glad he’s speaking out. Never? Yeah, me too. Hell has frozen over.

I know the tanks aren’t going to start rolling down the streets on January 21 but I’m still panicking that we don’t have enough people or tools at the ready for what lies ahead. And it’s an order of magnitude worse than anything we’ve dealt with before. The usual methods don’t apply here.

I live in a house built before the Civil War. The house we lived in before this one was built before the Revolutionary War. I try to convince myself that this shows everything will be ok, but then I read articles like Prepare for Regime Change, Not Policy Change. or Autocracy: Rules for Survival, and that knot in my stomach tightens.

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  1. Very true..Hell has frozen over and all its demons have arrived on our rapidly warming planet to create hell here. Also true…The usual methods don’t apply. We are in uncharted territory and need to use vastly different strategies. And hopefully true…everything will be ok…our democracy is powerful and resilient and will stand through this just like your house has survived.


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