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When my son was learning how to ride a bicycle he had trouble remembering to use the foot brakes so he’d put his feet down trying to stop himself, Fred Flintstone style. I’d be running down the street after him yelling, “Use the brakes! Feet on the pedals! Hit the brakes!!!”

That’s what it feels like, millions of us running down the street, yelling, trying to get someone else to slam on the brakes. Each day watching as some new horror pops up and thinking, god how do we stop this? We make phone calls and write, maybe go to protests, but is it doing anything? When there’s video of white supremacists having a meeting in DC complete with Nazi script and salute, hailing the president-elect, is there really not something more that can be done?

A friend on Facebook said he thought there would be a civil war if O45 isn’t inaugurated and I said yes, civil war if he isn’t, WWIII if he is. There’s the people trying to get the vote audited, especially in states where there are discrepancies, possible vote tampering, Russian hackers, more votes counted than ballots cast, etc. Would the Trump voters ever accept any outcome that isn’t having their conman sworn in? It’s already been proven that they don’t believe facts so no amount of proof would make any difference.

I know if Hillary had won she would have faced as much opposition from Congress as Obama did, maybe even more. That’s one of the reasons why I voted for Bernie in the primary. As things evolved, I don’t think Bernie would have won either and I was fine with voting for Hillary two weeks ago but I didn’t really think she would have been able to do more than hold the line. I know the way things usually play out is that the midterm elections go to the party that lost the presidency and she would likely have been a one term president. But the damage done from just two weeks of having Trump as the president-elect, not even in power yet, is horrifying and irreversible. What’s the best we can hope for now? Impeachment? Mike Pence?!?! Just as scary in a different way. I’d say it couldn’t get worse but if 2016 has taught me anything, it’s that it will get worse.

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  1. Perfect analogy. That’s exactly how I feel now, like I’m watching someone about to get hurt and can’t stop it no matter how much running or yelling I do.

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