Born Under Punches

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches

In just a few days, a matter of hours really, we will say goodbye to what has always been a given. Presidents come and go, some we wish would have left sooner, but I never before felt like our entire system of government was in jeopardy. Specific laws or rights have been under attack before but the very nature of our government?

The speed at which the Republicans in Congress have been trying to dismantle everything they fought against during the past 8 years is enough to make your head spin. Just keeping tabs on all the devious tactics feels like a full-time job. I worry that we won’t all be able to maintain this level of attention once Twitler is in office.

I keep seeing articles where it outlines all of the reasons why Trumpenführer is headed for impeachment but I just can’t see Ryan or McConnell doing anything to stop him. They are having too good a time screwing over the vast majority of the population. Just look at those shit-eating grins they’re sporting in every picture of either of them since Election Day.

It’s so impossible for me to contemplate living under a fascist that I’ve been imagining what else could possibly be in our future. Those assholes in Congress are so craven and ruthless that they will keep forging ahead with their plans and either ignore or support the Cheeto unless he does something that challenges their plans. I don’t think he’s smart enough to out fox them but I can imagine him becoming a political liability, especially if the Russia story gets more embarrassing. If it suits them, then maybe they’ll take up the cause to rid us of this disgrace. But then what?

Pence. He’s really an evil bastard. I actually wouldn’t put it past him to be working on some kind of scheme of his own to push the Orange Fool out and take over himself. I have previously been of the opinion that at least he’s a normal, if despicable, conservative politician and at least we know how to fight that kind of snake. But recently I’ve wondered if that would be better. I feel like I’d worry less about the country being ruled by a fascist authoritarian but Pence would probably do equal damage domestically. He wouldn’t Tweet us into World War III but he’s coming for your birth control and he wants to remove every LGBTQ protection we’ve managed to put in place. Education? Still fucked. The Supreme Court? Toast. Black Lives Matter? Not a chance. Worse yet, I feel like the relative “normalcy” Pence would bring might be enough to see a return to complacency amongst the general population. I want this over as soon as possible. Unless there’s some way to invalidate the election and never have either of them, while not handing things off to Ryan, then it’s hard to know what is the best possible outcome. It’s all so awful.

We have to keep our eyes on these slippery fuckers. These government men. Keep the heat on.

“All I want is to breathe.” Maybe in 2020.

(I encourage you to check out the whole concert this clip comes from. Really great. The comments contained this gem, “No one will ever be as attractive as Tina Weymouth is in this video.” Those biceps!)


  1. My gosh! I just watched this whole concert 3 nights ago. The Born Under Punches is my very favorite thing (it’s the subtitle of my Tumblr, get it “I’m a tumbler…?) but it’s all magnificent and I am so smitten by Tina in this footage. She is a veritable goddess here. Her expressions, those eyes!!!! Anyway, some cosmic serendipity that you posted this. To your larger point though, egads 2017….2018…2019….2020. Kill us all now and end the misery. “I’m so tired…”

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  2. Yes, it’s those “shit eating grins” that haunt me the most these days and nights. Those faces that could clearly care less about “the people”. There’s no easy or even visible way out of this crushing disaster. The only room to breathe is hope and I hope there is a solution as unexpected as this looming Presidency. Thanks for the music! It feeds my hope and makes me less tired.

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    1. I watched some clips from Betsy DeVos’s Senate hearing for Secretary of Education. Holy shit. Alarming doesn’t begin to cover it. She’d better not get fucking confirmed. My 92yo mother-in-law thinks Trump won’t last a year. She’s seen a lot in her life so I’d like to think she’s right. But these cabinet picks, ooooh boy.


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