Recharge & Revolt

The Raveonettes – Recharge & Revolt

So, here it is November again. NaBloPoMo. And I have a blog that has been gathering dust. It has seemed frivolous to spend my evenings writing about music in the way that I do when our country’s very existence has been hanging in the balance. Most of the time I just felt so drained from getting through the day and staying on top of what is going on that I had nothing left to say. Also, where to begin? The sheer volume of unbelievable crap, and the dizzying pace that it came flying at us, was overwhelming for someone like me who often used current events to steer my song choices.

Music is still my outlet though and I needed it more than ever. I upped my concert attendance. For a while I thought I might be able to see 50 bands this year for my 50th year* but my budget and family obligations put a damper on that goal and I think I’ll probably come in around half that number by year’s end. In a year that has seen the violence unleashed at concerts reach terrifying new heights, it is perhaps an odd thing to pursue. My children are alternately worried, embarrassed, and maybe occasionally jealous that I go to as many shows as I do but it’s worth it. It’s always worth it. It has never been more obvious to me that life is short and that sharing in the magic that is a really great concert is one of the high points. Especially now.

I don’t know where the forces of evil draw their energy from to keep up the onslaught they are unleashing on us but I know where I go. If I can’t make it to 50 shows, maybe I can at least pump out 30 days of posts to make up the difference.

*Holy crap I had to add a new category – 50s! Gulp!