Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

Poi Dog Pondering – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now*

Not for the first time I have discovered myself in a video at a Poi show. I like to think I’m a good dancer. The video evidence suggests that may not be true. It doesn’t stop me from dancing, in fact I’m one of the people usually leading the charge. They’ve even created a new ticket category at the venue where Poi has been playing the last few years just for dancing. Only for their show. I checked the whole calendar and none of the other concerts had a dancing/standing ticket. I am pretty sure I have played a role in that.

*Original by McFadden & Whitehead

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  1. Yes, you are solely responsible for the new standing/dancing ticket at City Winery. Possibly responsible for giving everyone else at every Poi show there permission to get up and dance. A hero in this regard. I like the relaxed and somewhat intimate feeling of the venue but it is certainly not conducive to dancing. I hope they’ve cleared a couple tables to make a space in the front where the pit would be for standing/dancing ticket holders!

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