Friendly Fire

French Vanilla – Friendly Fire

I got my annual bitch about the decrease in evening light rant out of the way early today so I don’t feel the need to get that off my chest.

However, I am tired and started thinking about whether or not I have the stamina to go to a show on Tuesday. The standing around really gets me and my shoes aren’t up to the task. I blew off a show on Friday night because it was too far from home and I didn’t want to drive that far after it let out. I hate passing on a show when my only reason for not going is feeling tired. It makes me feel old.

Back in the summer French Vanilla came through and I didn’t go. Not because I was tired but because I didn’t know I would have wanted to. Only later did I realize that they do that song I like and, shit! I missed them!

There is a strong Pylon vibe on this song (and several others on the album) and I am bummed that now it will probably be a long time before they come back around.