Smoke Fairies – Disconnect

There are a couple of accounts I follow on Instagram where they post pictures from concerts and I’m frequently left wondering how people hear about some of these bands. Especially the ones where they’re using #soldout in the caption and I’ve never once heard about them. Which isn’t really surprising, I’m not looking for new music with the same intensity that I once was, but I would have thought I could keep up enough to know a bit more than I do.

One place where I am particularly out of my depth is with bands from outside the U.S. Back in my D.C. days I was always stopping into one or another bookstore that stocked NME and Melody Maker, flipping through them to find new bands, then I’d go over to the music section to see if they had any of the CDs I’d just read about. I didn’t often buy the CDs, or even the magazines, but I would have a clue so if the bands came through on tour, I would probably check them out.

Smoke Fairies sing on one of the songs from Public Service Broadcasting’s The Race for Space. I’m sure I wouldn’t have heard of them otherwise. And the complete one in a million way that I heard of PSB in the first place is still the only time I ever heard them on the radio. That makes the presence of this song popping up on one of those Spotify suggested playlists, some impressive odds.