Time to Get Ready

The Bats – Time to Get Ready

I’ve been using my daughter’s room as a staging area while trying to finish getting some other rooms cleaned up and rearranged. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I am now having to move the stuff I was stashing there, which means I have to get those other rooms ready first. Of course none of this would be necessary if I could tackle these projects in small increments.

I always have good intentions to sort through things and get rid of stuff we don’t need or use anymore. What usually happens is someone or something interrupts me when I’m just getting started and I’m in that stage where it looks worse instead of better. Invariably I don’t get to finish it but I need to reclaim the space so I put stuff back where it had been, probably in a different order but, there’s still too much stuff. Clothes my kids have outgrown, toys, old school projects, protest signs, but mostly books. Oh, so many books.

I’m never going to be a Marie Kondo type, too many things spark joy. And the things that don’t are probably things I still have because I need to keep them. I know the wisdom of taking a stack or working on a corner at a time but that isn’t very satisfying. If only we had some closets!