Let’s Groove

Earth, Wind, and Fire – Let’s Groove

We got the internet back today so I had a busy day at work, which kept me from checking the election results every five minutes.

One thing I did see was the Joy to the Polls group along with Election Defenders bringing the party to the streets of Philadelphia. I love this so much. I’m not sure if they got there first or if they came to keep Trump supporters in check but they are having a disco block party outside of the place where they’re counting the mail in ballots in Philadelphia. It started yesterday with a small group of people and by this evening it was a big crowd of people, literally dancing in the streets. There were people dressed in mailbox costumes, the White House, Independence Hall (it is Philly after all) and I spied a couple of Gritty masks for good measure. It improved my mood a hundred fold.

Waiting for these results is exhausting. But watching the Joy to the Polls videos in the days of early voting just roll that party on to the places where they’re still counting, is, well, a joy! I started following them on Instagram but I think they’re probably on other platforms too. Go check it out, you’ll feel better.