Politicians in My Eyes

Death – Politicians in My Eyes

My dad called on Sunday to catch up and generally share his relief that Biden had won. We both said how great it will be to have scientists back in various government agencies, how nice it is to have people who respect experts and experience, who won’t foment violence amongst white supremacists, etc. It’s such a low bar at this point that just having people who speak coherently seems like a dream.

Where I parted from my dad’s assessment was his hope, or maybe even expectation, that Mitch McConnell would see that he needs to work with Biden to get things done. What possible motivation would he have for doing that, I said. He just won reelection so he’s safe for six whole years and, given his age and blue hands, he’s unlikely to run again. His entire reason for living is to obstruct anything the Democrats try to do. Dad figured that now that McConnell had gotten (stolen) his SCOTUS seats and passed tax cuts for the wealthy, he didn’t need to keep stonewalling. Pshaw, I said, the man is the single worst politician in Washington and he will stop at nothing to poison the well.

So today I read that old Turtleface is backing the lame duck’s attempts to find fraud with the results and generally stall and sow chaos. Because of course he is. He’s Moscow Mitch. I really believe he’s just as dirty with Russian money as Trump is and, quite simply, a traitor. He has no charm or knack for inspiring a following so he has decided that his current seat is the most powerful to which he can ascend and he’s going to wield it ruthlessly. I have already made donations to the two Democrats in the Georgia Senate runoff elections but I’m not holding my breath for those.


  1. If Dems manage to get in to the White House, they’ve got to be just as ruthless in pursuing justice and moving toward equity. Any unnecessary moves to compromise (see ACA !) will have me screaming.

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    1. Being ruthless isn’t what they’re known for and they will have a thin margin to work in. My realistic expectation is that during the first year, they undo some of the damage of the past four years and get the pandemic under control, then score some legislative wins that are broadly popular in time for the midterms when we could pick up some more Senate seats. THEN, pack the court, go for the jugular. Otherwise it’ll be like Obama all over again and Turtleface wins. I’m hoping Kentucky will get a new Senator appointed by their Democratic governor.


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