Beach House – Myth

Fingers crossed that we can keep the concerts rolling into next year. I may actually decide to go for balcony seats when Beach House comes in July because while my 16 year old may be up for standing several hours, if we’re not moving beyond a gentle sway, I will be hobbling the next day. A few years ago those standing desks were all the rage at the office and I was like, nah, I’m good with a chair.

I’d much prefer to get up and walk around periodically, come back and sit down. Especially now that it’s getting dark early. We had clouds obscuring the moon when I left the office and it was past dusk already at 5:10. By the time I had stopped for gas and was getting on the highway it was as dark as night. If I don’t get up from my desk and walk around outside, I don’t get enough day light. Or, you know, I could go back to working from home and just look out my window. Turn off the computer at five and oh, hey! still light out and I’m already home! 🤔

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