The Numbers

Radiohead – The Numbers

My son and I went to see The Smile tonight, the side project of Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke. I couldn’t believe they were starting the North American leg of their tour in Providence. Providence! Amazing! Someone that well-known I would expect to start in New York, maybe Boston, but I was more than happy to reward their fine decision by splurging on the tickets back in the spring.

The show was great, though not for the uninitiated, and lots of Dudes with a capital D. That’s always a drag, except for if you want to hit the ladies’ room before leaving the venue. Thankfully, after the first song, Thom encouraged those of us who wanted to get up by saying, “just because there are chairs doesn’t mean you have to sit in them,” so we stood for the rest of the time. It’s much easier to ignore douchey bros when people are standing.


  1. “Just because there are chairs” How perfectly stated. I wonder if it’s just the seated shows that emphasize the inability of certain groups (perhaps mainly Dudes?) to stay present and take in a full show without repeatedly getting up and going in and out of the rows.

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    1. That could be a factor. It certainly doesn’t help when the venue serves food, like hotdogs and popcorn. That made no sense to me. When we had balcony seats for Beach House the crowd was younger, fewer dudes but a large TikTok contingent that I blamed for their inability to stick with it for an extended time.


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