Billy Bragg – Sexuality

The headlines have been giving me headaches and making me angry, depressed, and scared. Sometimes I feel fired up and come out swinging, other times I am just overwhelmed by it all.

Today seemed like a good day to spin this 24-year-old (yet still eerily topical!) Billy Bragg song and watch Kirsty MacColl throw a pie in a stodgy old lawmaker’s face.


  1. I’m loving your song picks! We have the same taste in music, lady! I love this song so much and also, You Woke Up My Neighborhood. I went to a CD signing he did with Michelle Shocked at a Tower Records in New York in the late 80s and they played a short acoustic set. Just him with a six string acoustic and her on the violin. Fantastic!

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    1. You Woke Up My Neighborhood is another favorite of mine. I have the 12″ of that one too with the achingly beautiful “Ontario, Quebec & Me” on the B side.


  2. I’ve been on a little Billy Bragg kick for the first time in years, and he popped up in someone else’s playlist lately! Must be the season.


    1. I find myself going through Billy Bragg phases, often brought on by political frustrations or heartbreak. He’s so good at both.


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