Under a Rock

Waxahatchee – Under a Rock

For the next couple of months, Tuesdays are still the day of new music releases. Today the new album Ivy Tripp by Waxahatchee is out and I was listening to it online when a little notification popped up that there’s a tour stop not too far from me coming up in May.

I just finished reading the article in the New Yorker yesterday and figured I’d better hop on this show before I get shut out. It’s at a venue I had never heard of before and I always love checking out new (to me) places and doing what I can to support these smaller halls and clubs. I much prefer going to see bands in small places especially if they aren’t in the expected cities. Not all of us live in New York and while I’m always willing to travel, I can’t do that for every show I’d like to see.

I put my husband on notice that there are actually a lot of shows coming up that I’d like to see. There’s one day in May that has three shows, in three different cities (none of which are near me), and I just can’t decide which one I should try to go to. The venue is probably going to be the deciding factor on that one. These things matter! Take heart, small venues in small cities, I love you!