People Have the Power

Patti Smith – People Have the Power

Not all the votes are in and some of the most inspiring candidates didn’t win. Gillum, Abrams, Beto. But they came so close in states where the odds were not in their favor and, in Georgia at least, blatant voter suppression in broad daylight.

However, over 100 women are headed to Congress. Two Muslim women, two Native American women. Colorado has an openly gay governor. Kansas kicked Kris Kobach to the curb and elected a Democratic woman. Too close to call in Wisconsin.

Don’t let the pundits get you down. Taking the House means Maxine Waters is the chair of the Financial Services Committee and will subpoena Trump’s tax returns. Adam Schiff will be the chair of the Intelligence Committee and that little weasel Nunes won’t be able to sabotage their work.

The fight continues, and watch out for all kinds of shenanigans during the lame duck session.