Finest Worksong

R.E.M. – Finest Worksong


I wanted to win both the House and the Senate, but we really needed to win the House, at least. And there were some great outcomes, lots of fresh faces, lots of women, really progressive candidates, and we sent some truly awful people packing.

But the work is only ramping up, with Sessions getting axed and Mueller’s investigation in jeopardy, egregious attacks on the press today, threatening Democrats if they come after him he’ll sic the Senate on them, there is no time to coast.

I just hope the Democrats who won last night understand that they were elected as a bulwark against Cheeto and to never let slide any of these authoritarian pushes. Adam Schiff will be great. Maxine Waters will be on fire. Just don’t play into the GOP trap. You may WANT to be non-partisan and work together on some things but what you NEED to do is take some names and kick some asses. Don’t be confused. By now everyone should know you can’t hold a Republican to their word because they have no integrity. So have your eyes wide open. They will never play by the rules or follow the decades-old Senate traditions. They are going to lie and cheat and steal your lunch money and push you into the lockers. Until you fight back. Time to rise, rearrange, and work.

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  1. Yes! It feels like forever since we have had power in the House. It’s absolutely energizing to know that the truly progressive minority leaders like Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff are going to have real control over something, anything. These are folks who know that trust across the aisle is a fool’s game. They are eyes wide open. I just hope that Democrats don’t get sidetracked in the rearranging part! Power corrupts even the most well intentioned. We have to stay focused. This is a great song. There is much work to be done and, with lives on the line, no time for politics as usual.

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