Not Great Men

Gang of Four – Not Great Men

It seems Turtleface is up to his usual pot calling the kettle black shtick. I saw a number of headlines about him today. One was that he refused to bring up a bill to protect Mueller for a floor vote (who is surprised), and the other was he wrote an op-ed calling for bipartisanship, chastising Democrats in advance should they not roll up their sleeves and help the Republicans pass legislation. It was not in The Onion.

HA! HahAHAhahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Mr. My Top Priority Is To Make Obama A One Term President wants us to sing kumbaya now? Good ole I Refuse To Grant A Hearing For Merrick Garland is looking for some cooperation? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Of course, he doesn’t mean it. He is just making the statement so that he can then later claim to have been right, those Democrats, just obstructionists through and through. You are as transparent as a window, Senator Hagfish. Fuck yourself five ways to Friday, asshole.

Fun fact. Did you know that his first wife is a feminist scholar and retired a few years ago from running the women’s history archive at Smith College in Massachusetts? Gloria Steinem spoke at her retirement party. I happened upon this a couple of years ago when I got to wondering if he had any children (yes, three daughters). I mean, we all have our regrets from our younger days but can you imagine?


  1. Whoa, that is a crazy fun fact. Makes you wonder so many things. Like at what point in his life did he sell his soul. There are few people I would describe as evil but he is one of them.

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