Omni – Confessional

It started snowing this evening. It was hard to notice at first because the flakes were so light, but I could see them in the headlights of a car stopped at an intersection. Ever since we set the clocks back it has been dark by the time I leave the office however today, I had to leave work early to get my daughter to an appointment. This one car thing is old and tiring but there isn’t a good solution so when someone needs to be someplace, I need to be home so they can do it.

After I dropped her back at the house, I went to pick up my husband, then we headed out to a local grocery store/deli and picked up some things for dinner. When we got home, some of the food was still warm so we sat down to eat it right away. By now it looked like midnight out there, dark and cold with snow covering everything. I had stopped noticing what the actual time was but if you’d asked me, I probably would have thought it was close to 6:30. No. With dinner done and no dishes to worry about, I sat down in the living room and saw it was only 5:30. I couldn’t believe we were already finished with dinner. It looked later than that outside, it felt later than that inside, and I felt positively geriatric for having already had my dinner. The New Yorker in me is appalled. Dinner at five?! Ridiculous.

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