Ramones – Loudmouth

Is anyone surprised by Rump talking so loudly on the phone that it was easy for others to hear their conversation.

I have an idea, let’s indict Bibi and Trump and let them share a jail cell together. The thought of the pair of them rotting away in prison would just be a perfect ending.


  1. So interesting that his objection was that the call couldn’t have possibly been overheard. Not that it didn’t happen or that wasn’t what was said. Anyone who has ever heard him speak immediately accepts that his voice could be heard in a nearby phone call. No amplification needed. After all, this is the man who chooses to speak to the press only in front of a waiting helicopter!

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    1. I know! It was the same with the leaks. He was enraged about the leakers and the “illegal” leaks, but never said the information that was leaked wasn’t true. Very telling. It all goes back to his belief that as a wealthy, white man, he’s entitled to do whatever he wants and the thing that’s wrong isn’t what he did but that someone is objecting to his ability to do it and get away with it, unscathed.


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