Teke::Teke – Jikaku

As I mentioned the other day, I follow a bunch of Instagram accounts that post pictures from concerts. It began as a way to compensate for my shitty phone pics. After I’d get home from a show, I would look on Instagram for pictures other people had taken using the location or a hashtag. If I liked the picture, or maybe the caption they wrote made them sound like someone with similar interests, I’d scope out their account. If there was enough overlap, I’d follow them.

Between the concert photos and the vinyl collection people, that now makes up a significant portion of my feed. Last year there was a guy beside me with a serious camera at the Public Service Broadcasting show. I started following him so I could find out if he ever uploaded those pics from his camera. This guy goes to a lot of shows, and a lot of them are a complete mystery to me. More often than not, I will have zero clue about the bands he posts pictures of, and usually they are stills so I’m not any closer to knowning what they sound like.

He’s currently attending some conference or music festival up in Montreal. He posted pictures of the band Teke::Teke, and one video clip. I usually have the volume on mute but the video started playing silently and I could see they had a trombone and a flute. I wondered what they sounded like so I turned up the volume to discover they were singing in Japanese. On their Instagram bio they bill themselves as a Montreal-based, Japanese psychedelic-post-eleki band. I have no idea what eleki is, let alone psychedelic-post-eleki, but I was pretty curious to hear more. I mean how often do you see a French-Canadian band, and then to find one that’s not singing in French or English but Japanese? That alone makes it worth checking out.

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